From the President

Welcome to the website of the Oklahoma Council of the Blind. I hope you enjoy your stay. The OCB is a charter affiliate of the American Council of the Blind, a national organization of blind and visually impaired people represented in all fifty states. We work to improve the lives of blind and visually impaired Oklahomans through advocacy, public awareness and social opportunities through our local chapters. For more than a century, any piece of legislation benefiting our population has been developed and/or supported by OCB. My point is; if you have any interest in the work that we do, I invite you to join us. We have a place for you.

For several reasons the Oklahoma state budget has been cut significantly. While programs for the blind and visually impaired have been cut less than many other services, it becomes more important every year to let our state senators and representatives know who our population is. We’re children who need the best education possible, adults trying to get jobs or promotions and older people who need specialized services to either keep their homes or other housing arrangements so they can live out their lives in as much comfort as possible. The stakes are high because seventy-five percent of blind people are unemployed. In addition, blind and visually impaired people need to socialize and become culturally enriched through recreation, and participating in the many interesting attractions in our state that others enjoy. What can you do? Of course, those monetary contributions are always needed and welcome, and we’re always in need of workers to carry on the programs of the Oklahoma Council of the blind. You can spread the word. Many people have a blind or visually impaired family member or close friend. We’d love for them to join us as well.

Look around our website, and you’ll find everything you need to join us or help us in our work. I’d love to see you at our next convention or open board meeting. Please register or email us so we’ll know who you are. As Tom Baudette, would say, “we’ll leave the light on for you”.

Joe Fallin, President